Mill Insight | How to craft a captivating video game trailer with Director 罗伯特·塞提

罗伯特·塞提 is known for his ability to weave narrative into everything he does. 他在艺术方面的广泛背景, 动画 and 视效 have created a strong storytelling foundation, from which he consistently provokes emotional responses to his work. Able to blur the lines between computer generated imagery and reality, Robert works across a diverse range of mediums and experiments with innovative approaches; whether working in live-action, CG动画或设计. 热爱动画电影, 人物性格和对短篇小说的长期兴趣, Robert has mastered the art of bringing characters to life on screen.
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A good video game trailer builds excitement and anticipation for the game. The key is to lean into and capture the emotions you feel whilst playing. 这是一款充满乐趣和刺激的动作游戏吗? 这是基于恐怖合作模式的游戏吗? Or is a role playing game full of world building and exploration? We find the key emotions within each game and build a narrative around that.

Oftentimes it’s not a lifestyle you’re selling, but an experience. 你必须尊重游戏, and stay accurate to its world or the fans will be disappointed. So a good trailer needs to feed that demand by hinting at scope, 能力, 世界和游戏本身的所有其他组件.

说到底,讲故事是最重要的. Whether that be narrative, character, or even design driven, it doesn’t really matter. What I do is weave a narrative structure into every trailer. 这是沟通强烈情感的关键.

Can you talk about the creative aspect of putting a trailer together? 是怎么做的?

这和任何电影制作都很相似. We kick-off by researching the subject (ie: the game and its community) then we craft a good script. Next we dive into concepts and storyboards, then asset builds, and previs. We then shoot motion capture and shoot production with animation, lighting, FX, and compositing. 最后MG娱乐平台添加一个漂亮的颜色等级, layer in the score and then polish it off with sound effects and mixing.

我从开始到结束都有一个统一的愿景. That’s one of the strengths with how The Mill works with its creative teams. 每一步都要考虑最终目标.

投入更多的创造过程, MG娱乐平台与营销团队密切合作, and various stakeholders like the game developer and game publisher. We lean into the lore of the game or IP and existing design. Then we work within those boundaries but sometimes take liberties to push it further to amp-up the message we want to communicate.

“Oftentimes it's not a lifestyle you're selling, but an experience.”

How has the role of trailers evolved over time in the video games marketing mix, 随着流媒体和游戏影响者的增长?

与社区的互动现在是一个更大的焦点. I think the social aspect of gaming is influencing how we make new trailers both with how we connect to the community and that it leaves room for continued campaigns w在这里 stories are allowed more space to grow and evolve. Successful trailers lean into the community and reflect how the fans interact with the game.

To connect to the community we have to capture the attention of all of its different members. T在这里’s the general gaming community, casual fans of the game and the hardcore fans. The majority of viewers we speak to are the general gaming community, they don’t know everything about the game or IP but its the largest group you speak to. Then we have the casual fans, they’re familiar with the game, its world and its characters. Then t在这里 are the hardcore fans that know every detail about the games lore and are totally loyal to the franchise.

For trailers to be successful I try to speak to all of these groups and balance the narrative with that in mind. 这部电影需要吸引新玩家, touch on popular elements for the casual fans and please the hardcore fans by weaving specific nods to characters and the games history.

How do you learn from past trailers, and take into account feedback from the gaming community?

真实,知道每个细节都很重要! What I mean is that you can’t fake hype, and the gaming community will rip you apart if it’s fake. 我爱! 从角色的表演到一切, 这个故事, and even reaches to the smallest detail (ie: how something sounds).

It’s really fun to look at reaction videos of the trailers we do and see what people pick up on. But yeah the gaming community has really loyal fans and people really dig into the trailers.

Do you use data-based learnings to create trailers or other marketing assets for video games?

We know how people react to content so it is important to try to balance. 我确实认为MG娱乐平台可以从中学到一些东西, 而且我认为MG娱乐平台已经讨论过的, 比如叙事驱动的故事叙述, 需要优先考虑. Just because we have measured that people respond better to a specific color or a big impact 3 seconds in the film, I think audiences are smarter than that and can see through some of those tactics.

Yes of course we use the data, but the narrative structure has to be the main thing.


Riot Games预告片 VALORANT 由令人惊叹的卡尔·艾迪执导.


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